Behind all the glams and glamour of digital marketing, is the fact that many people who are leading it successfully come from small towns. Many companies headquartered in major Indian cities rely on people who do not own fancy educational Background.

Digital marketing is one of the most popular career options today and anyone with a passion to pursue it can thrive in it. 10 years ago, two friends with a humble background in Bihar left for Delhi to chase their dream career. The initial days were struggling but as they grew, they learnt to live with the challenges and gradually earned solid professional know-how in digital marketing. From managing high-value projects with total precision to helping their companies grow exceptionally well in a volatile market, they mastered digital marketing and very well understood the ins and outs of it.

Despite having a promising career ahead, they decided to give it a quit, and return to their roots with a promising question: What if we share our experiences with others? In the age of Digital India, the benefits of digital medium should reach to all, and people from every small town should leverage it for their own benefit and growth.

Nalanda Academy is an endeavour of these two friends now turned business partners. It is an initiative to empower people from small towns and localities to learn digital marketing and make a career in this evolving profession.

Nalanda Academy trains aspiring professionals to get fully trained in digital marketing across all verticals. The in-demand courses are distinctive for interactive course content, expert mentorship, skilled guidance and guaranteed job placement facilities. To learn more about us, please feel free to visit the courses section.