Conduct Online Exam in Simply 6 Steps:

Step 1

Upload Questions

Step 2

Design Test

Step 3

Assign Test

Step 4

Provide Detailed Analysis Report

Step 5

Generate Result

Step 6

Send SMS

Features of Online Test Series Software

  • Lead Generation form with Mobile Number Verification
  • Add Multiple Test in a Test Series
  • Unlimited Test Series Facilities
  • Export Student Contact Details
  • Check Student Payment Status
  • Add/Update Question & Answer
  • Students Test Appearing Status
  • Graphical Result Format
  • Students Test Appearing Status
  • Online Admission Sysytem
  • Assign Assignment
  • Assign Course Material
  • Generate Discount Coupon
  • Referral Policy / Marketing Facility
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • SMS Integration
  • Test Re-Attempt Facility
  • All India Ranking Facility

Why There Is a Need for Online Test Series Software?

Online test series software is basically an online examination tool, which is designed to lend a helping hand to students of your institution to be equipped and proficient for any of the national and international competitive examinations conducted by reputed institutes from all across the globe. By making the most of this efficient test series software, learners will be able to perk up their familiarity with the subject and self-belief as well as rank or score in the test series exams and in the real examination by learning from their mistakes made in practice tests.

As soon as they sign up for an online test series, students will get access to an infinite number of test series questions. All these mock tests are prepared by qualified and experienced faculties covering diverse subjects associated with the competitive assessment students would be taking all along with numerous other budding aspirants.

Pros of Taking an Online Test Series

Simple to Use and Capitalize on : Mock test series software is pretty easy to use and lets you enhance your confidence as well as knowledge.  Our online test series is pretty interactive plus we try to keep the user interface and its design somewhat similar to the actual competitive examination. In addition to that, the assigned assessor will be able to easily craft multiple tests that can be accessed from our question bank consisting on several question types and example questions for exams of all sorts. What’s more, the assessor can describe complexity of level, subjective questionnaires as well as evaluate them.

Scalability : Our MCQ test series software is a scalable examination and student capability assessment platform with a plethora of test questions, which are constantly generated as well as analyzed so you will be offered a random series of questionnaires. This is a safe and secure way to avoid cheating at the time of examination. Furthermore, with the all automated methods castoff to recognize potential worthy QA threads, created questions are pretty much similar to the real questions that students will get to see in the actual assessment.

Instantaneous Result and Evaluation :The moment you complete the test, you will get a notification on your computer straight away as well as get to know how well you have actually performed in the test. Both the examiner as well as the scholar will also be able to do a proportional scrutiny of the attained score, together with AIR, percentile plus subject-wise performance. All this makes keeping a track of overall progress a lot easier as well as convenient.

Analyze Strong and Weak Points:  After getting all the answers in real time, you as a student can check where you are actually strong and in what all areas you are weak. So that, make the desired improvements and score better in the next attempt by working on the weak areas and make them your strong area.  

Cost-Effective : Online test series software’s are pretty flexible; therefore the cost per contestant is fairly inexpensive when compared with a paper-based question paper. What’s more, logistics-wise, it is also comparatively cheaper considering the fact that multiple students can take part in the online test series at the same time.

Conduct Online Exam in Simply 6 Steps:

Step 1: Upload Questions
Step 2: Design Test
Step 3: Assign Test
Step 5: Generate Result
Step 6: Send SMS
Step 4: Provide Detailed Analysis Report

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